Book an appointment


The overview for a queue manager that manages an appointment queue looks different. You have a search bar, to find some specific customer and you can also scroll through the dates or to the next booked time slot.

With the menu in the top right corner you get to the queue selection, where you can switch to another queue, leave the admin mode or open/close your queue.

Queue Manager

If yu want to add a customer appointment, you get redirected to the booking form and can simply add the desired date and time. The next available time slot is selected autmatically, but you can simply change it by clicking on it. Add the necessary details about the customer, you can also write an optional comment. Please note, you can only book one appointment per customer per day. When the booking was successful, the customer will get an email or text message with the confirmation.

Booking form

If you click on an appointment, you can see all the details like on the following screen. The exact time, name, ID and a comment that either you or the customer added when booking the appointment. You can also call or delete your customer in this screen.

Appointment details