Queue Settings


In this area, you have access to all settings which are queue specific.

Queue Settings

Queue Settings

Queue Name

The queue name is displayed to your users in the app and is used to identify your queue.

Queue Type

The queue type defines how your customers are queued, e.g. by position or by call.

Expected Waiting Time

Defines the expected waiting time per customer, this helps your customers to plan their waiting time.

Expiration Time

The time a called customer has to show his confirmation screen to the queue manager.

Clearing the Queue

This time specifies when the queue is cleaned up. All customers and managers are removed. If no time is specified, no cleanup is performed.

Enable Apple Wallet

This feature allows your customers to queue in using Apple Wallet.

Enable Customer Counter/Customer Limitation (Premium)

This feature allows you to define a limitation of concurrent customers and to count them in your location. The counter is queue specific and therefore can be maintained by multiple queue managers at once.

Enable SMS registration (Premium)

Use phone number to register a customer to the queue and inform him about updates via SMS.

Queue Manager settings

Enable Called Customer Listing

Activate to enable the called customer listing pop-up, showing detailed information about all called customers.

Queue Manager PIN Code

This PIN code is used to authenticate the Queue Manager.

Notification for customers joining the queue (Premium)

This feature enables you to notify your queue managers in case a customer is joining the queue. Useful in case your queue is not permanently in use.

Notification if queue was closed or opened

This feature enables you to notify your queue managers in case your queue has been closed or opened.

Queue Actions

Queue Deletion

This feature allows you to delete the selected queue.