Appointment Queue


With this queue type you give your customers the opportunity to book appointments in your business.

There are some special settings that only have to be set for this queue type: The duration of one appointment, the time you need to prepare an appointment and the methods of noticication your customers can choose from. You can find those in the basic settings of your queue.

Queue settings

And now you can start. At first you should add your employees in the menu “Employee Scheduling” (step 1) and enter their availabilities (step 2). Based on that information your customers can chose a time slot to book an appointment.

Employee scheduling

As soon as you entered available employees, you have an overview of the current usage of your queue in the “Manage Queue” menu. All appointments, the customer details and the status are visible. With the actions you can call your customers, confirm their arrival or delete them. If the time slot has passed, the customer is already marked as “delayed”. At the time you’ve set to clear your queue (you can find that in Queue settings) all elapsed appointments are autimatically deleted.

Appointment queue mananger

With a click on “Add customer appointment” you can book a customer appointment. Just enter all necessary details:

Add customer